Projects of the Centre

Editions of Latin Bohemian texts

Quadragesimale Admontese

A collection of Lenten sermons from an unknown author from the 14th century. In all probability a monk belonging to the Konrad Waldhauser circle. These sermons, full of humorous anecdotes, give insight into the state of the society and church of that day. (Manuscript of the National Library in Prague Nr. XX B 5). Edition, translation, scholarly introduction and explanatory notes.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Hana Florianova, PhDr. Dana Martinkova, CSc., Hana Sedinova, PhD., PhDr. Zuzana Silagiova,

Cristannus de Prachatitz - Computus chirometralis

A chronological enchiridion by the renowned Prague University scholar - Cristannus de Prachatitz (1370 - 1439). This text is a very interesting document of computistic literature, as in contrast to other computistic treatises at that time, this one presents more solutions when calculating the individual dates. Edition, translation, scholarly introduction.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Zuzana Silagiova

Heinrich von Bitterfeld - Selected treatises

Heinrich von z Bitterfeld, a truly significant and interesting figure who worked at church reformation during the 14th century in Bohemia. This edition of selected treatises starts with treatises on the theme of the Eucharist. Edition, translation, commentaries, scholarly introduction.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Pavel Cernuska

Matheus de Cracovia - Proposicio pro canonizacione beate Birgide - Revelaciones beate Birgide de passione Christi

Matheus de Cracovia, a renowned scholar from Charles University (14. century), one of the key figures in the Bohemian pre-reformation movement. A critical edition of two unpublished works dealing with the spread of the cult of St. Bridget of Sweden in the 14th century in Bohemia. Edition, translation, literary-theoretical study, accompanying study analysing the relationship between the basic intellectual positions of both protagonists.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Drahomira Breedveld-Barankova

Translations with commentaries

Tertullian - De spectaculis

This work by one of the Latin Fathers and founder of Latin theology, Tertullian (160-230) is the only preserved ancient treatise on the classical games. It is consequently a precious historical document which also gives insight into Tertullian's theology and brilliant language. The translation is complimented by the Latin text a detailed commentary and a scholarly introduction.
Being prepared by: Petr Kitzler

Clement of Alexandria - Stromata

An integral work by the Greek Christian thinker (died cca. 215) who on the background of a dialogue with the philosophical tradition and the heterodox disciplines reveals the ethical and hermeneutic bases for Christian theology. The translation is supplemented with the Greek text, annotations and a scholarly introduction.
Being prepared by: Miroslav Sedina, Mgr. Jana Platova, Mgr. Veronika Cernuskova

Basil the Great - Hexaemeron

Nine homilies by the early Christian Greek theologian, explaining the meaning behind the creative work of God. Translation, annotations.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Karla Korteova

Hagiographic Prose of St. Jerome

Biographies of three hermits (Vita Malchi monachi captivi, Vita Hilarionis, Vita Pauli primi eremitae). St. Jerome, is one of the Fathers of the Church ( cca. 348-420 AD), the author of a Latin translation of the Bible (The Vulgate) and the founder of the "religious novel". The translation is accompanied by a scholarly introduction about the beginnings of Latin hagiography and the role of St. Jerome in this literary process.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Jiri Subrt

A Selection From St. Jerome's Letters

Text and translation of twelve of St. Jerome's letters (Church Father of the 4th century, the author of the Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible accompanied by commentary and a scholarly study.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Jiri Subrt

Victorinus - Adversus Arium Ib

Being prepared by: Mgr. Vaclav Nemec

Saint Augustine - De doctrina Christiana

A treatise by Saint Augustine (354-430 AD), a Father of the Church and Bishop in Hippo Regius (North Africa). This work had a great influence on Christian thought and on the formation of Christian dogma. Translation, commentary.
Being prepared by: prof. PhDr. Jana Nechutova, CSc.

Dionysios Areopagita - Letters, Mystical theology.

Being prepared by: Mgr. M. Koudelka

Boethius -Theological Treatises

Being prepared by: Mgr. P. Zavadil

Isidor of Sevilla - Etymologies

Isidor was a Bishop in Hispanic Seville in the 7th century. His Etymologies are an encyclopaedic overview of all the sciences and arts which the Middle Ages had accepted from classical authors. The scholarly translations and commentaries to Etymologies are building upon the grant project from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Texts Dealing with the History of Medieval Thought 1-2. Under the auspices of this project, volumes I-III, IX, XVI have been published by Oikúmené Publishing House.

Hrotswith von Gandersheim - Gallicanus I,II, Pafnutius, Sapientia

An introduction about this poet and her work, a translation of three dramatic plays and introductory studies about them.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Irena Zachova

Suger of Saint Denis - De administratione, De consecratione

This work is focused on translations of the work of Abbot Sugera of Saint Denis (1081-1151) These works describe the process of reconstructing a monastery church in the Neo-Gothic style and gives the reader a deeper understanding of the religious, cultural and economic life in France in the 12th century. The translation is accompanied by a commentary and a scholarly introduction.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Iva Adamkova

Petrus Abelardus - Sic et Non

A Theological work by this French Scholastic philosopher (1079-1143). Translation, introduction and annotations.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Irena Zachova

Bernard of Clairvaux - De gratia et libero arbitrio

A treatise by the founder of the grey monk monastery in Clairvaux, Bernard (1090-1153). Translation with annotations.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Marketa Koronthalyova

Saint Bonaventure - De reductione artium ad theologiam

A translation with commentary of two of Bonaventure's treatises, key for understanding his philosophical-theological thinking. Includes an introduction looking at the concept of reductio and the changes in its meaning throughout the work of Bonaventure.
Being prepared by: Mgr. T. Nejeschleba, PhD.

Dante Alighieri - De vulgari eloquentia

A translation of Dante's treatise De vulgari eloquentia as yet unpublished in the Czech language. Includes explanatory annotations, a scholarly introductory study evaluating the significance and position of the work in the history of philology. Translation, explanatory annotations.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Richard Psik

Thomas Aquinas - De unitate intellectus

Translation, commentary, exposition on the basis of a study of primary and secondary literature. Scholarly introduction on the issue of the quarrel over the unity of the intellect in the 13th century; and about the issue of the substance of averroistic monopsychism.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Tomas Nejeschleba

Francesco Petrarch - De secreto conflictu curarum mearum

Translation and notes. The project is being carried out in co-operation with ÚKS FF MU in Brno and FF UP in Olomouc.
Prepared by: Mgr. Richard Psik and Mgr. Jirí Špicka

Francesco Petrarch - De secreto conflictu curarum mearum

Translation and notes. The project is being carried out in co-operation with ÚKS FF MU in Brno and FF UP in Olomouc.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Richard Psik

Marsilio Ficino - On love. Commentary on Plato's Symposium

The most well-known and most influential work of Florentine Platonism of the second half of the 15th century (Marsilio Ficino 1433-1499). This treatise was conceived as a Renaissance emulation of Plato's dialogue The Symposium and contains Ficino's own interpretation of Plato's concept of love. This work had a big influence on all Europe including Bohemia; and not merely in the area of philosophy, but also as a work of art in general. Scholarly introduction, translation, commentary.
Being prepared by: Filip Karfik, PhD.

Erasmus - De libero arbitrio

In the treatise De libero arbitrio, the Dutch humanist deals critically with Luther's doctrine. Translation, annotations.
Being prepared by: PhDr. Karla Korteova


A Reader from the History of Mathematics

The first volume of this reader is focused on Greek mathematics. The translations of selected passages will be accompanied by brief commentaries and introductions. The original Greek texts will also be included. Carried out in cooperation with the REHSEIS Centre, CNRS Paris.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Zbynek Sir, PhD.


Gnadenlehre in der Schrift und Patristik

A monograph researching the doctrine of grace in the Bible, from early Christian and patristic authors, ending with John Eriugena. The publication is planned as a volume in the Handbuch der Dogmengeschichte, co-editor Professor M. Seybold, Eichstätt, Herder Publishing House, Freiburg
Being prepared by: doc. Lenka Karfikova, Dr.theol., Mgr. Vit Husek

Monasticism: Spiritual Components of European Culture

A monograph dealing with monasticism as an original interpretation of Christianity and at the same time analysing monasticism as a part of the majority of religions and cultures. Analyses a time period from the Old Testament to the 14th century. The work will include the influence of monasticism, its philosophical-religious background, its method of combining various cultural and intellectual trends, the way in which itcontributed to inspiring a new emerging Europe, a multi-cultural world with dialogue between religions.
Being prepared by: ThDr. Vaclav Ventura, Th.D.

Man as a Microcosm by Gregory of Nyssa

A work analysing the idea of a man as a microcosm in the works of Gregory of Nyssa, De anima et resurrectione, De hominis opificio, In inscriptiones Psalmorum.
Being prepared by: Ladislav Chvatal

The Theory of Cognition in Thomas Aquinas

A monograph analysing the characteristics and structure of the internal senses (sensus interior) in the work of Thomas Aquinas. With an analysis of the Arabic and Jewish concept of phantasma and imagination.
Being prepared by: Mgr. Jozef Matula

John Caramuel: Selected aspects of formal and applied logic

A monograph about the development of formal logical and philosophical logical thinking in the Czech Lands during the late Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Post-Renaissance Era.
Prepared by: Mgr. Petr Dvorak

Jan Jesenský - Jessenius and Renaissance Natural Philosophy

Being prepared by: Mgr. T. Nejeschleba, PhD.